How I self host

Why self host? Self hosting applications is important to me. Intelligent, talented people have written freely available alternatives to giant services like Dropbox, GSuite, messaging applications, hypervisors, anything you can think of. These come without the restrictions of free accounts: rate limits, storage limits, and snooping. Plus, many of my favorite games allow hosting a […]

KDE and Xmonad in 2018

I love tiling window managers: I’ve used i3 for years, and ever since I started learning Haskell, I was curious about Xmonad. However, during my i3 experience, I missed a lot of expected features from a full desktop environment (consistent themes, background support, notifications, system trays, etc.) Since running your own window manager with GNOME […]

Mirroring a Gogs repository on Github

Gogs makes it pretty easy to mirror another repository. Github… doesn’t. While it’d just be easier to move my Gogs repository to Github, that would mean changing the remote of 3-4 local repositories. And, I wouldn’t learn anything. Hooks, glorious hooks Since Github won’t watch our Gogs repository, we’ll have our Gogs repository watch itself. […]

Express Generator and

A few months ago, I tried to start a Node project to further explore web development. It’s the LAN equivalent of a Jukebox: people go to the site, add music from Youtube or a file, and the song is put into a queue. The server has a speaker, through which it plays each song. The […]

Us Vs. Them

If you’re continuously posting, discussing or following anything political on social media, particularly this past week, I need to ask you to do something: please be careful of what you post, share, or say. Not because any one side is too fragile or ignorant to handle the truth, but because “the other party is too […]